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About Town of the Blue Mountains Tree Trust

Tree Trust TBM was established in July of 2020 with a mandate to look after landmark, established trees in our community.

While preserving legacy trees was our initial mission, our experience to date demonstrates that Tree Trust is a practical mechanism for community members to become involved and support their own urban forest. Taking care of mature trees offers a transformational opportunity; caring for mature trees is a symbolic and inspiring way to start engaging with climate solutions.

Since our launch, we have cared for five Sugar Maples – including a grand 225-year-old tree on the Georgian Trail. You can learn about all of our Tree Trust Trees here. As an extension project to complement the work we do at Tree Trust, we have started a native seed nursery with the intention of closing the loop.

Town of the Blue Mountains Tree Trust Trees

Click on each caption to learn more about the tree’s story.

132 year-old Sugar Maple
Thornbury-Clarksburg Union Cemetery
Carbon Sequestered: 4.3 tonnes
128 year-old Sugar Maple
Thornbury-Clarksburg Union Cemetery
Carbon Sequestered: 8.1 tonnes
Pair of Sugar Maples
Hillcrest Park, TBM
Carbon Sequestered:
Tree 1: 7 tonnes
Tree 2: 5.3 tonnes
125 year-old Sugar Maple
Elgin Street, Thornbury
Carbon Sequestered: 4.5 tonnes
225 year-old Sugar Maple
10th Line & High Bluff Lane, TBM
Carbon Sequestered: 6.6 tonnes
100 year-old Sugar Maple
Banks Heritage Cemetery, TBM
Carbon Sequestered: 2.7 tonnes
100 year-old Sugar Maple
Georgian Trail (Near Wards Rd.)
Carbon Sequestered: 6.8 tonnes
100+ year-old Sugar Maple
Russell Street
Carbon Sequestered: 4.2 tonnes

80 year-old Sugar Maple
Napier St, Thornbury
Carbon Sequestered: 1.4 tonnes

We wouldn’t be able to preserve all these trees in our community without your support. Click here to donate and help us save our next tree. And if you know of mature trees in Town of Blue Mountain’s parks and public spaces that need help, you can nominate them here.
To contact Town of the Blue Mountains Tree Trust, email: [email protected] or call (519)-599-7798.

Chapter Events & News

Thornbury will be hosting a Tree Talk on March 25th by Barbara Zimmerman. Contact Braedon [email protected] for more information

We’re excited to be participating in Tree of the Year again this year, with support from Echo Foundation. Check out updates on news coverage and nominations here.

Thanks to volunteers and community donations we’re expanding our nursery! Stay tuned for more information.

Town of the Blue Mountains
Volunteer Day on Earth Day

Our Native Seed Nursery

Knowing that the legacy trees we have cared for have made it to old age and likely have good genetics, we will be using their seeds to grow new saplings in the hopes they too will mature into beautiful, storied trees.

Our nursery is located at the Tomahawk Recreation Complex in Thornbury. Thanks to the many volunteers who helped harvest seeds and baby seedlings from older legacy trees, the seedlings have been transplanted in the nursery and the seeds are in cold storage until planting time in the spring.

Thanks to the Blue Mountain Fruit Company and Arboreal Tree Care for helping prepare the site, and to our Town Council and staff for installing protective fencing to protect the trees from rodents. Stay tuned for more updates!

Trees are getting bigger at the Native Tree Nursery. We have planted out six basswood trees into the community from our nursery. We have eight more trees that are ready to go and 47 trees that are further sizing up in the nursery. Thanks to our very dedicated volunteer nursery manager – weeding and watering these trees all summer long! Pending further funding from the Town and or corporate donations in kind, we hope to add more trees and make improvements to the fencing and possibly expand and or move the location.

Meet Town of the Blue Mountain’s Tree Trust Arborist

Arboreal was established in 2001 to offer the Blue Mountains/Southern Georgian Bay region with an arboriculture firm to provide tree care of the highest standard.
Certified arborists on staff ensure that the prescribed action for trees in our care is carried out to the highest level, while maintaining a professional membership with ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) ensures we keep abreast of the latest techniques and research in our field.
Our equipment compliments our professional team by being up to date and meeting or exceeding the standards set for our industry. From large items such as using modern well maintained engines in our equipment to ensure efficiency and environmental responsibility, to important smaller details such as our use of biodegradable bar oil for our chainsaws so that no petroleum products are left at your site.

Our methodology is based in responsibility, respect and accountability towards the living organisms on which we practice our craft and to the clients who have chosen to use our services.

Meet Town of the Blue Mountain’s Tree Trust Coordinator

Betty Muise is a consultant specializing in adult education and training program design and facilitation. Throughout her career, Betty has focused on complex, multifaceted and highly technical issues in sectors such as health care, the environment, waste and recycling, energy, housing, and agriculture.

To contact Town of the Blue Mountains Tree Trust, email: [email protected] or call (519)-599-7798.

Community Support & Sponsors

Our community support has been outstanding, with significant citizen donations, media coverage from The Blue Mountains Review, support from Clarksburg-Thornbury Rotary, and grants from Town of The Blue Mountains Grants and Donations Committee. The work on our very first tree was also completed free of charge by our Tree Trust Approved Aborist Arboreal Tree Care Professionals. Most recently, Garden Holistics made a generous Holiday season donation in lieu of Christmas cards and gifts. Thank you to our dedicated donors and sponsors.

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