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About Waterloo Region Tree Trust

Reep Green Solutions brings Tree Trust to Waterloo Region

Reep Green Solutions is an environmental charity that has been helping people live sustainably for more than 20 years. Our programs help people reduce their impact and adapt to climate change through: healthy yards, urban forest stewardship, home energy and water efficiency, and waste reduction. We believe that by empowering our community to take action today, we can leave our children a community that is more resilient, vibrant, caring and sustainable. 

Support Legacy Trees in Your Community

Tree Trust launched in Waterloo Region in the fall of 2021 with Reep Green Solutions in an effort to preserve our urban forest canopy and natural heritage through the care of our mature, legacy trees.

Your donations will go directly to funding specialist care for old trees in Waterloo Region for years to come. Contribute to protecting and caring for these legacy trees here.

If you know of a mature tree in our community that could use care, nominate it here. We are looking for mature, legacy trees located on private property such as schools, places of worship, and long-term care homes. Selected trees will be assessed and maintained by certified arborists to extend their life in addition to planting new trees to take its place once the tree has reached its end of life.

Waterloo Region’s Tree Trust Trees

Click on each caption to learn more about the tree’s story.

Waterloo Region’s Launch Bur Oak
St. Benedict Secondary School
Carbon Sequestered: 19,050 kg
261 year-old Red Oak
Steckle Heritage Farm, Kitchener
Carbon Sequestered: 20,175 kg
100 year-old Honey Locust
Strange St, Kitchener
Carbon Sequestered: 0.4 tonne
100 year-old Red Oak
Meyers Rd, Cambridge
Carbon Sequestered: 7.3 tonne

Help us preserve our next tree by donating here. And if you know of mature trees in Waterloo Region’s parks and public spaces that need help, you can nominate them here.
To contact us, email: [email protected], or call (519) 744-9799 x221.

Chapter Events & News


If you are fortunate enough to have some big trees in your yard, you may be worried about falling branches or other related hazards. Hear from some tree experts on their best recommendations to manage those risks while still reaping the benefits of mature trees. In this webinar, we’ll present some case studies of how leading arborists have addressed some of the more common problems that our urban trees face. Through these examples you will learn some tree care techniques that can improve the health of your trees and increase their longevity.

Join us on Zoom Wednesday, November 22 at 7pm for an informative presentation by Kyle McLoughlin, talking about reducing hazards from your trees for a long and healthy life on your property.

Registration and more information about the guest speaker can be found here.

Big Trees Song featuring Monster Trees of Waterloo Region:
During Covid, the Outdoor Education staff of the Waterloo Region District School Board organized a Monster Tree Hunt imitative, asking students to find the biggest trees in Waterloo Region

Song written by Sean McCammon

A Champion of Water Stewardship

On April 15th, 2023 we are caring for this beautiful honey locust (gleditsia triacanthos) located at St. John’s Catholic School in Kitchener. This tree plays a valuable role in protecting the water quality of nearby Sandrock Creek and the Grand River watershed for its ability to slow down and soak up rain water where it falls.
Reep Green Solutions has been working with the school through the Rain Smart Neighbourhoods program to identify opportunities to manage rain water runoff, and caring for this tree is just one action among many that the school is taking to steward a healthier watershed and contribute to a ‘rain smart’ neighbourhood.
Thanks to the generous support of our donors and the Ages Foundation, Mother Earth Tree Care will remove deadwood from within the canopy to ensure the tree’s health and longevity.

Meet Waterloo Region’s Tree Trust Coordinator

Patrick Gilbride, Associate Director & Manager, Green Infrastructure Programs

Patrick is passionate about working with homeowners, businesses and institutions to implement nature-based solutions that provide benefits to them and to the wider community.

Meet Waterloo Region’s Tree Trust Arborist

Kevin Schieck has been in the Tree Service industry for 15 years. He graduated from Fleming College in 2008, completing the Forestry Technician program, Urban Forestry Technician program and the Arboriculture program. He is also an ISA Certified Aborist, in good standing since 2010.  

For the past 15 years he has gained experience and knowledge as a grounds worker, full-time climber, ran city-wide inventories, and prepared arborist reports across Southern Ontario. He is specialized in tree care methods such as air spading, plant health care, and root pruning.

Community Support & Sponsors

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