Tree Trust is a one-of-a-kind program working to safeguard your community’s carbon-capture heroes.

A mature tree harbours some 7 tonnes of carbon and sequesters more each year. While tree planting is a key tool in the fight against climate change, it’s the big trees that do the heavy lifting. And it’s the big trees that are so often neglected. While we think about replacing our roof or repaving the driveway, seldom do we think about the need to maintain a big tree.

That’s why we started Tree Trust – to give citizens a real and practical way to fight climate change at the local level by preserving their community’s big trees. All donations are channelled into hiring professional, highly-skilled arborists, whose teams spend as much as a full-day working on one tree – assessing climbing, retrenching, pruning, and removing deadwood with the result that the tree will continue to be a carbon-capture hero for years to come.

Whether you donate to make up for your environmental footprint using our calculators or you simply want to help your towns’ big trees, you get to see your funds at work. The buttons below take you to one of the four communities that are part of the program. If you don’t see your town here, find out how you can join.

Whatever your reason for loving big trees, you can help them by making a donation to Tree Trust where you get to see your gift at work in your own community!

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