Tree Trust: Fighting the climate crisis, one tree at a time.

How does Tree Trust work?

Tree Trust sustains our biggest and best urban trees. We raise funds to hire arborists who keep the trees healthy and extend their lifespans through measures such as pruning, fertilizing and insect control. And because no tree lasts forever, we plant at least two saplings for every Tree Trust tree. Think of these saplings as understudies, growing into the role of the “elders.” Check out a full list of our Tree Trust Trees using the button below.

Oak wilt has come to Ontario

Did you know? Oak wilt kills thousands of oak trees each year in urban and natural forests.

What can we do? Don’t move your firewood and avoid pruning Oak trees between April and October.

For fact sheets, resources, and more information: Check out this page

So many reasons to support Tree Trust!

Trees tackle climate change

Our biggest trees store huge amounts of carbon. Your Tree Trust donation keeps big trees healthy so they can store as much carbon as possible, for as long as possible. Many of our donors are concerned about their carbon footprint from flying, driving, and home heating and use our carbon offset section to calculate their impact and donate accordingly.

Honour a loved one

Many families planning a funeral or celebration of life invite mourners to give to a charity in lieu of flowers. A donation to Tree Trust is particularly appropriate when remembering someone who loved nature or cared deeply about the environment.  

You can make it personal and local

Your donation can support a tree in your own community, even a tree you see every day. You could also choose a tree important to someone near and dear to you. Or simply a tree that really needs TLC.

Mature trees are special

Big trees make life better for everyone. They nurture wildlife, offer cooling shade on a hot day, retain stormwater and so much more. Now more than ever, we need our trees!

Modest actions add up

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by climate change, to feel powerless. A donation to Tree Trust is personal, positive and empowering.

To learn more about how you can support the legacy trees in your community, drop us a note here!

Even if you don’t see your community listed here, you’ve most likely skied in Town of the Blue Mountains, listened to the Festival Singers in Elora, or walked along the Avon River in Stratford. If you’ve visited any of these spots, you know mature trees are a huge part of what makes these communities so special. Consider donating to preserve their tree canopy.

Seven Chapters and growing

To date, there are seven Tree Trust Chapters in Southern Ontario. We invite you to learn more about each one below. Don’t see your community listed? Wherever you choose to donate, your contribution will help preserve Ontario’s urban forest.

Mature trees and carbon

There are officially sanctioned carbon offset credit programs. Our approach is simpler. Our donations stay local to fund the preservation of mature trees and all the carbon they store. In fact, it takes about 280 saplings to do the work of one legacy tree.

Below are three easy ways you can help. All donations are tax-deductible.

  • Click the DONATE button at the top of the page to take you to Canada Helps.  
  • Help offset your environmental footprint using the calculator below, it will also link you Canada Helps.
  • Mail a cheque made out the Elora Environment Centre, to 75 Melville Street, Elora ON, N0B 1S0.

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What’s new at Tree Trust

Our Sponsors

While many organizations are planting trees, we are the only ones preserving existing trees – trees that provide a long list of benefits, including storing as much as 10 tonnes of carbon. At a time when we are all deeply worried about climate change, Tree Trust is one effective way that you can help. The majority of our funding comes from charitable donations given by individuals, businesses, foundations and service clubs who value the environment and want to see their gift invested locally to preserve important trees. 
Whatever your contribution, you will be part of a community of like-minded people who want to preserve legacy trees. Every donation includes an invitation to an upcoming event and a tax receipt.
If you would like to sponsor Tree Trust, drop us a note and we would be happy to discuss options that are right for you.

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