Tree Trust is a one-of-a-kind program working to safeguard your community’s carbon-capture heroes.

How does Tree Trust help legacy trees?

Big trees provide a myriad of benefits – chief among them is that they garner love and appreciation from so many. And of course, they are essential to a healthy urban forest. Urban trees face special challenges that their woodland counterparts don’t and therefore need our help.

Tree Trust is the only program in Canada that advocates for and takes care of majestic trees that grace one of our four partner communities:

Tree Trust provides you with the chance to help with a tax-deductible donation. All donations are invested in professional tree care to help extend the life of legacy trees – trees that you can go visit and admire!

And when you find yourself flying (again) or commuting into work, use our simple calculator below to estimate the carbon cost of travel and suggested donation amount.

We hire professional Tree Trust Approved Arborists who practice highly skilled techniques known as conservation arboriculture to improve a tree’s structure. In addition, new saplings are planted nearby to eventually take over as carbon-capture heroes.

How can you help?

  1. Share your tree story here. Big trees are such inspiration to us all.
  2. Donate here. Your donations will go directly to preserving mature trees in your community.
  3. If you are driving or flying you can help make up for your carbon impact by using the two calculators below.

Flight Carbon Output Estimator

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Tree Stories

Share a story and photo of your favourite tree and tell us why it matters to you.

Grow Trees

Donate to help us support legacy trees in your community.

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