Tree Trust is a one-of-a-kind program working to preserve our community’s carbon-capture heroes.

Legacy trees are invaluable. They add beauty to our landscapes, offer wildlife habitat, provide shade, slow stormwater, and are an important part in the fight against climate change. It takes 269 saplings to do the work of one mature tree.

Important as they are, our legacy trees are so often neglected. Since they don’t come with an engine warning light, it’s not until a limb comes down in a storm – or worse – that we think to inspect them.

Tree Trust is a local solution

To help sustain our valuable legacy trees, Tree Trust hires professional arborists. These skilled practitioners use a variety of techniques that address potential structural failures. This arboriculture care is funded by generous community supporters who have the satisfaction of seeing their gift used to preserve local trees.

Six Chapters and growing

To date, there are six Tree Trust Chapters in Southern Ontario. We invite you to learn more about each one below.

Legacy trees and carbon

There are officially sanctioned carbon offset credit programs. Our approach is simpler. Our donations stay local to fund the preservation of legacy trees and all the carbon they store.

We need your support, and below are three easy ways you can contribute. All donations are tax-deductible!

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For information on bylaws, ownership, and planting, check out our Resource page.

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