TreeTrust is a local carbon offset solution for plane and car travel.

Use our calculators to invest in the newest carbon technology: Legacy trees.

Funds donated to TreeTrust are invested for the upkeep of large old trees in your community.

Did you know that one large tree stores and sequesters the same amount of carbon as 250 saplings? By extending the life of legacy trees we are storing and securing the carbon they have already captured until younger trees planted nearby are mature enough to grow into their role as carbon capture heroes. 

Investing with TreeTrust is easy.

  1. Use our simple calculators to the right to enter the distance you have flown or driven.
  2. Based on global best practices, we calculate a dollar figure to offset the approximate carbon produced on your flights and drive.
  3. We link you to CanadaHelps where you donate funds to Tree Trust that support the health of large legacy trees across Ontario. You get your charitable receipt immediately and your funds are put to work in your community.

If you love your community’s lovely, old trees, but don’t fly or drive often, please consider offsetting your other energy use and know that your donation will help sustain the lovely big trees that grace your community.

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