2024 Provincial Tree Pageant

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This is your opportunity to showcase a tree that you treasure and tell us why it is important to you. We are excited to see your submission!

Our judges will evaluate entries based on the following criteria:

  1. The quality and impact of your photo. There is only one photo per submission so please send a high-resolution image that best captures the beauty of the tree you have chosen.
  2. Your compelling explanation of why your tree is deserving of being recognized for the value it adds to you and your community. Please keep your description to 30 words or less.

Contest closes September 2nd, 2024. Prizes will be awarded during Forest Week- September 21st to 28th. The winners will be contacted via e-mail. All contestants will be “on parade” on the Tree Trust runway at the bottom of the entry form below.

Panel of Judges

Mike Schreiner
Mike Schreiner

As the Leader of the Green Party of Ontario since 2009, Mike is a proven and dedicated champion for climate action, income equality, and honest, transparent leadership

Wayne Simpson
Wayne Simpson

Wayne Simpson is an Ojibwe photographer from Aamjiwnaang First Nation based in Elora. Wayne specializes in dramatic portraiture and landscape photography.

Aashta Shetty
Aastha Shetty

Aastha, a reporter for the CBC, writes and produces original and engaging stories for digital media and radio. Her work often provides analysis and context that enhance the audience’s understanding of issues.  She is a fan of all things trees.  

First Place Tree Pageant
First Place Winner
A sash to adorn your tree
‘Tree Care Kit’
Second Place Tree Pageant
Second Place
‘Tree Care Kit’ 
Third Place Tree Pageant
Third Place

Entry form

We are excited and looking forward to seeing a photo of the tree you are submitting to our Tree of the Year Pageant. This is your opportunity to showcase a tree that you treasure and tell us why it is important to you and your community. Note: your name, address and email will not be displayed on the ‘runway’ and will only be used for the purpose of contacting the winners.

High resolution photo of the tree(Required)
Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, png, gif.

Marvel at the trees on the runway

  • Black Walnut Tree Pageant
    This lovely Black Walnut creates a shady oasis in my backyard, and has been a welcoming home for many creatures for over 130 years.
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