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About Toronto Island Community Tree Trust

Our mission is to lower our collective carbon footprint by restoring and nurturing the older trees within the community. We recognize the value in keeping these trees healthy for their beauty and for the comfort and well-being of us all. While we don’t have many legacy trees on the Island, we are focusing our efforts on stewarding middle-aged trees that need the necessary care so that they may one day become senior, storied pillars of our community.

Toronto Islands Interactive TT tree map:

Yellow for the trees that have been restored through TT
Green for ones that we are considering doing
Purple for new trees planted.

Toronto Island Community’s Tree Trust Trees

Click on each caption to learn more about the tree’s story.

75 year-old Silver Maple
Algonquin Island, Toronto
Carbon Sequestered: 7,223 kg
American Elm
Algonquin Island, Toronto
Carbon Sequestered:
45 year-old White Ash
Ward’s Island, Toronto
Carbon Sequestered: 3,683 kg
20 year-old Red Maple
Ward’s Island Toronto
Carbon Sequestered: 801 kg
60 year-old Crab Apple
Ward’s Island, Toronto
Carbon Sequestered: 1,656 kg
Restoring Six 50 year-old Tamaracks
Algonquin Island, Toronto
Carbon Sequestered: 5,787 kg
80 year-old Silver Maple
Ward’s Island, Toronto
Carbon Sequestered: 3,985 kg
70 year-old Black Walnut.
Algonquin Island, Toronto
Carbon Sequestered: 2,800 kg

We wouldn’t be able to preserve the trees that we do without your support. Click here to donate to Toronto Island Community Tree Trust. And if you know of mature trees in Toronto Island’s parks and public spaces that need help, you can nominate them here.
To contact us, please email: [email protected].

Chapter Events & News

Tree of the Year

Toronto Island Community 2023 Tree of the Year winner is the majestic Scots Pine.

Watch the interview by Prof. Pricklethorn with the winner here!

Magnificent Black Walnut on Algonquin Island

In June, 2023 we cared for this 70-year-old Black Walnut. This tree was a prime Tree Trust candidate because its biological health is good, and it has remained strong even during the extreme floods of 2017 and 2019. Our arborist reduced the large overextending branch, and installed cobra cable to prevent the limb from breaking. This cable will prevent a potentially catastrophic tear-out of that limb when under threat from the strong prevailing wind. Dead, dying, diseased and directionally poor branches were also removed.

70-year-old Black Walnut – Algonquin Island, Toronto
Carbon sequestered: 2.8 Tonnes
Storm water intercepted: 21561.7 L annually

Planted Last Spring and looking good!

Amelanchier arborea: Serviceberry Trees on Toronto Island

Meet Toronto Island Community’s Tree Trust Coordinators

Happiest outside, among trees and preferably near water, embodiment coach Allyson Woodrooffe is fortunate to have lived on Toronto Island since 1989. Her appreciation of trees came through her grandfather, who loved sharing walks among the pine forest on his farm.

Kathleen Doody has been part of the Toronto Island community since 1976. The landscape and surroundings have been as important for her as the community, and she has been actively involved over the years in projects concerning both environmental and visual improvements.

Warren Hoselton is an ISA Certified Arborist and the former Park Supervisor on Toronto Island, for the City of Toronto. He has been on the board of the Canadian Tree Fund since 2007. 

Meet Toronto Island Community’s Tree Trust Arborist

We Care Tree Care provides knowledgeable and professional services, from the removal of hazardous trees, to health care plans for young and older trees. We will do everything we can to protect, prune, and conserve the trees that we are working on and the trees around them.

Community Support & Sponsors

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