About Stratford-Perth Tree Trust

We work with local certified arborists at Tim’s Tree Care to provide life-extending care to middle-aged and older trees in Stratford-Perth. These trees are on public (e.g. schools and churches), commercial and private properties.

We launched Stratford-Perth Tree Trust with a local event in September 2020 by repairing two beautiful 100+-year-old Maples at the Falstaff Family Centre in partnership with Loreena McKennitt. We also repaired an old Maple at St. James Anglican Church last fall and plan to repair two large Sugar Maples at the Stratford Perth Museum in 2022. If you are a business or an organization that would like to partner with us, please send us a message and we would love to chat.

“Change starts with individuals. We were fortunate enough to find a group of like-minded individuals who want to do something to preserve the rich heritage that Stratford-Perth has to offer.”

Marianne Van Den Heuvel, Tree Trust Coordinator

Stratford-Perth’s Tree Trust Trees

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Stratford-Perth TT Launch
Falstaff Family Centre, Stratford
Carbon Sequestered: 11,299 kg
Stratford Fall Fest Sugar Maple
St. James Church, Stratford
Carbon Sequestered: 7,716 kg
100 year old Sugar Maple
Stratford-Perth County Museum
Carbon Sequestered: 12,910 kg
Stratford-Perth’s Tree of the Year
St. Andrew Public School
Carbon Sequestered: 3,356 kg

We wouldn’t be able to help so many trees without your support. Help us preserve our next tree by donating here. And if you know of mature trees in Stratford-Perth’s parks and public spaces that need help, you can nominate them here.
To get in touch with us, email: [email protected]

Stratford-Perth News & Events

Our autumn 2022 Tree Trust Tree, a sugar maple on the grounds of the Stratford Perth Museum

There are a number of mature trees that run along the west property line – a standout, growing by the museum’s sign, is a grand Sugar Maple.

As a museum, there are impeccable records about the history of the site. While no specific mention was made as to when the Maple was planted, it has no doubt witnessed the lives of many generations.

In 1869, when Thomas Holliday purchased the farm just outside of Stratford on Concession 1, Lot 7, only a small 25-year-old log cabin existed on the property. Fire soon demolished the log cabin and Holliday quickly rebuilt with the large yellow brick Italianate farmhouse which now houses the Stratford Perth Museum.

Here, on what became known as Woodview Farm, Thomas and his wife Mary Ann raised their ten children. A prominent member of the community, Thomas Sr. was involved in the Stratford Gas Company, the Waterworks Commission and the Dam Syndicate. In 1912, the farm was passed on to Thomas and Mary’s second son Edward Holliday.

Meet Stratford-Perth’s Tree Trust Coordinators

Geoff Love (left) is an environmentalist who has worked as a waste diversion and climate change consultant across Canada and internationally for over 35 years. He is president of Love Environment, a small, specialized Canadian environmental consulting company.

Marianne Van Den Heuvel (middle) is a lifelong resident of Perth County and has enjoyed long and rewarding relationships with trees. She was educated in Resource Management and has extensive experience in evaluating forest soils (Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry) and conservation techniques (Maitland Valley Conservation Authority, Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs).

Jane Eligh-Feryn (right) has a master’s in Landscape Architecture and has worked as an environmental planner in the private sector and a park planner for Metropolitan Toronto. She currently owns Eligh-Feryn Landscape Planning and Design in Stratford.

Photo credits: Galen Simmons/The Beacon Herald/Postmedia Network

Meet Stratford-Perth’s Tree Trust Arborist

President, has been a certified arborist for 23 years since taking an arboriculture program in 1995 at Sir Sandford Fleming College In Lindsay On. He has been climbing trees professionally for the same amount of time, starting at a company in Kitchener then branching out working for various companies within the area as a contract climber and starting Tim’s Tree Care.  Then incorporating January 1 2017.  As well, Tim has been an instructor for the arboriculture program at Humber College in Toronto and Fanshawe College in London, for the horticulture program.
Tim’s Tree Care takes pride in what we do.  In addition to our many years of experience, our knowledge base began with schooling and continuing education provided by annual conferences.  All climbers stay up to date with Working at Height certifications as well as other relevant courses and training on a regular basis.

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