Thornbury-Clarksburg Rotary sponsors care of century-old tree on the Georgian Trail

In September 2021, Tree Trust TBM completed life-extending work on a lovely Sugar Maple on The Georgian Trail, just east of Wards Road. This tree, like the very first Tree Trust TBM tree on the Georgian Trail at 10th Line, is old enough to have been standing before the railway was even built – the railway which eventually turned into the now Georgian Trail.

A homeowner living close to this tree was very happy to see it being cared for, remarking, “this tree was already really big when we first moved here 40 years ago!” He also mentioned how much the tree is appreciated and enjoyed, and that his wife would be “none too happy if anything bad happened to it.”

The Arboreal Tree Care team (pictured above) took great care, as they have done for all of the Tree Trust TBM trees, completing a thorough assessment and implementing sustaining conservation care.

Thank you to the Thornbury-Clarksburg Rotary and to individual donors from across TBM for supporting this important work.

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