Honey Locust Care at St.Johns Catholic School

A Champion of Water Stewardship

On April 15th, 2023 we are caring for this beautiful honey locust (gleditsia triacanthos) located at St. John’s Catholic School in Kitchener. This tree plays a valuable role in protecting the water quality of nearby Sandrock Creek and the Grand River watershed for its ability to slow down and soak up rain water where it falls.

Reep Green Solutions has been working with the school through the Rain Smart Neighbourhoods program to identify opportunities to manage rain water runoff, and caring for this tree is just one action among many that the school is taking to steward a healthier watershed and contribute to a ‘rain smart’ neighbourhood.

Thanks to the generous support of our donors and the Ages Foundation, Mother Earth Tree Care will remove deadwood from within the canopy to ensure the tree’s health and longevity.

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