Why we started Tree Trust

I’ve lived in Elora for more than 25 years and have always admired four very old sugar maples growing in front of Collins Barrow on the main road between Elora and Fergus. Driving past them always made me feel good. On a route with precious few majestic trees, these were landmarks; their thick branches, broad canopy and even the quirky gaping trunk cavity, always brought a smile to my face.

For well more than a century, these trees stood their ground. Nothing that Mother Nature threw at them could take them down – not ice storms, not Hurricane Hazel, not wind storms, nor summer draughts. But then one day, in a few short hours, chainsaws did the unthinkable. Without warning or any opportunity to defend them, these 4 maples were cut down. What had taken generations to grow turned into firewood in under a day. I know I was not the only one who cried. Ironically, it was the anger and sadness I felt that day that inspired me to create the Tree Trust Program. These trees were a visceral reminder that trees don’t just play a critical role in reducing C02 emissions, they bring joy to our life just by being there.

I know lots of us has a tree story to tell, so we are inviting you to share your stories about a distinctive tree or group of trees that have been a special part of your life. And if you have children at home, perhaps they can contribute a story, a picture or a drawing and we will share your submissions with our tree-loving community

A final note; we depend on the gifts of our donors to help protect these majestic trees. Most of the money raised comes from people who contribute to help make up for their environmental impact when they fly or drive. For now that source of revenue has diminished. We know many people are struggling in this new environment but if your situation allows you to still support our work, your donation will be greatly appreciated by all of us here at Tree Trust as well as the trees we are able to save.

Toni Ellis, founder and manager of Tree Trust

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