At this rate, we will be just Mount, no Forest

Mount Forest residents rally against proposed tree removal connected to two capital projects

Isabel Buckmaster, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Brooke Lambert, CAO, moderated the meeting.Isabel Buckmaster, GuelphToday

MOUNT FOREST ‒ Several residents are concerned the tree removals proposed for two upcoming capital projects will take the ‘forest’ out of Mount Forest.
Presented by senior project manager Tammy Stevenson during a capital project information meeting Tuesday evening, approximately 40 residents shared concerns about the 45 trees to be removed, facilitating above and underground utility upgrades, as well as sidewalk expansions during the John and Fergus Street reconstructions.
“Trees are expected to be impacted…and some trees will likely need to be removed,” said Stevenson. “At the completion of the project, residents (will be) left with a clean street, improvement to property frontage and improved road function.”
But while staff attempted to limit the question period to 10 minutes, residents spoke for almost an hour – read more

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