Toronto Island Community Update, July 22, 2021

Since the Toronto Island Community joined the Tree Trust program in 2020 we have restored four trees: a crabapple planted by Rose Wilson over 60 years ago from a sprout in her compost, the Art Gay Memorial red maple tree planted in 2009, and now offering shade and pleasure to all visitors to the Island, a pair of larches, relatively rare on the Island, on Omaha Avenue, and a very old silver maple in dire need of help on Third Street.

We’ve planted two saplings so far (more to come): a young Chinkapin oak at the southeast corner of the Ward’s playing field, and a Styrax japonicus snowcone just west of Wyandot near the lagoon. 

Tyler Ganton, our approved Tree Trust arborist, has two more new trees, a Black gum and a Tartarian maple, on-Island and ready to be planted. We are looking for suggestions of where – within or near the community – to put them. They will also each need a ‘sponsor’ to water them throughout the summer, if it stops raining. Thanks to Buffy and Bob, and Leida and Yael, for looking after the two trees in the ground so far.

All of this work was made possible through donations to the Toronto Island Community chapter of Tree Trust from individuals or their estates, as well as funds transferred from the now defunct Toronto Parks/Warren Hoselton tree program. Tree Trust offers charitable receipts for every donation made. There will also be a small plaque installed at every tree restored.

If you have any suggestions or questions, please contact Allyson or Kathleen by email at: [email protected]

– Allyson Woodrooffe and Kathleen Doody/TIGG, Ward’s Island

Toronto Island Community chapter, Tree Trust

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