Tree Trust officially launches in Meaford

On September 24, 2021, Meaford welcomed Tree Trust, a program which collects local donations to fund legacy tree care in their community.

Officials MP Alex Ruff, MPP Bill Walker, Deputy Mayor Shirley Keaveney, Tree Trust Founder and Manager Toni Ellis, and Rotary Club of Meaford President Joanne Clement were all present to celebrate the new program offered their support. Warren Hoselton, in his quirky persona of “Professor Pricklethorn,” made a guest appearance to teach the children about trees, and the event concluded as Arboreal Tree Care climbed the tree and began the complicated task of stewarding the legacy Sugar Maple.

The Rotary Club of Meaford generously donated $750 toward the care of this tree, and pledged another $750 sponsorship in 2022.

For more information about the Tree Trust program in Meaford, please visit Meaford’s Chapter page or get in touch with Pete Russell at [email protected]

The small event celebrating Tree Trust Meaford’s launch.
The century-old Sugar Maple, sponsored by Rotary Club of Meaford.
Pete Russell, Tree Trust Meaford coordinator and Rotary Club of Meaford President Joanne Clement hold plaque.

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Meaford Tree Trust Officially Launched

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