“On my morning walks I’m now looking at all trees with the thought of Tree Trust care in mind. I look forward to seeing the work completed at the cemetery and thank you for bringing such a wonderful organization to Meaford.”

Shirley Keaveney, Deputy Mayor, Municipality of Meaford

Upcoming Art Show and Sale at Meaford  Hall,  a beautifully restored and renovated century old landmark

in July & August 2023, Meaford Hall, will be hosting an exhibit focusing on Tom Thomson’s life and death.   As part of this important exhibition,,  Meaford Tree Trust is organizing a sale and auction of work depicting the 117 year old Royal Oak located in the Leith Cemetery beside Tom Thomson’s headstone.

Artists are invited to participate by responding to the following Call for Artists: 

The Details

The art will form an important part of an exhibit focusing on Tom Thomson’s life and death in the Galleries at Meaford Hall Arts & Cultural Centre.
– Artwork can be any medium, any size, and depict the tree in any season. Composition must include the tree but may also include the Church, Thomson’s headstone, or more at the artists’ discretion.
– Artists will be asked to provide a brief bio and artist statement reflecting on their own experience with this unique tree.
– Art must be completed, ready to hang, priced, and brought to Meaford Hall by June 29, 2023.
– Sales proceeds to be shared equally between the Artist and Meaford Tree Trust.
– Any remaining art by late August will be sold via silent auction at a special fundraising reception at Meaford Hall hosted by Tree Trust Meaford

To register your intent to participate or for more information, please contact:
Pete Russell, Tree Trust Meaford Coordinator
[email protected] or 519.599.1074

Trees are Meaford’s natural heritage

Thanks to Georgian Bay, Meaford’s superb growing conditions have produced many tall centuries-old trees from a broad spectrum of species and varieties. Now, Meaford residents have the opportunity to help protect and preserve these majestic trees.

Which is exactly what Tree Trust does.

In 2021, Tree Trust Meaford will begin its mission to preserve senior trees on the town-land. These giant trees, often over 200 years old, receive little or no care. Through Tree Trust, local professional arborists will help save, and care for these amazing trees, one by one. And you can help!

Tree Trust Meaford accepts online donations. And if you know of mature trees in Meaford’s parks and public spaces that need help, you can nominate them here.

Our Tree Trust Approved Arborist is Tobias Effinger, a highly-skilled and talented professional from Arboreal Tree Care.

Want to learn more about what we’re doing in Meaford? Listen to some of our interviews here.

Community support

Old Trees’ Lament

Together, we stand.
Majestic and mighty some say.
Scarred and old, but still here.
Wearing the wounds of time.
Branching out, touching.
Sharing the gifts
Of the almighty Universe
With all around us, beneath us
And within the boughs of our embrace.
Hear us. Hear our lament.

Carried in the cry of eagles
And the mournful song of doves.
Spare us. Save us.
Our roots forever connected.
Our tired trunks
Storing wisdom and future memories.
Receive our gifts,
As we continue to give
The magic of life.

Anne Boody Horwood

Meet Meaford’s Tree Trust coordinator

Born and raised in Northern Quebec, Pete Russell has lived in several small towns across Southern Ontario. He developed a bond with and appreciation of the natural world through his long experience with going wilderness canoe trips and hiking. Pete brought Tree Trust to Meaford in 2021.

To learn more about Tree Trust Meaford, you can contact Pete at:
[email protected]

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