Sutherland Insurance keeps the torch alive

In honour of World Environment Day, Sutherland Insurance is proud to announce its partnership with Tree Trust.

Tree Trust’s core activity is maintaining legacy trees, those majestic leafy elders that capture massive amounts of carbon and beautify our communities. But like Sutherland Insurance, Tree Trust also plans for the future, planting at least two “understudy” trees next to each legacy tree they treat. One day, those four- to six-footers will grow up and take over the good work of their “ancestors.”  

Trees you can see

Thanks to Sutherland’s sponsorship, Tree Trust will plant and care for understudy trees in local communities — Centre Wellington, Town of The Blue Mountains, Waterloo Region, Stratford-Perth, Meaford and the Toronto Island Community. The newly planted trees will be tagged so that anyone who sees them will appreciate the Sutherland Insurance connection. 

Planting pioneers

Sutherland Insurance is a fifth generation Guelph Family business with offices in Guelph and Collingwood. “Founder John Sutherland was an environmental activist long before his time,” says Suzanne Sutherland.  “His son Robert purchased 40 acres south of Guelph in 1959 and planted several thousand tiny evergreens.  This land still stands as protected forest.  With the Saugeen Valley Conversation Authority, he also established the beautiful conservation and recreation area known as The Saugeen Bluffs. 

Building on tradition

In 2018, Suzanne picked up the torch and began the company’s Client Loyalty Tree Planting program, which led to the Tree Trust partnership. Growing trees and growing business – a winning combination.

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