Guelph Tree Trust Launch

This Black Walnut Juglans nigra tree is one of over a thousand trees in the cemetery managed by Woodlawn Memorial Park. Many of these trees are old, very large and require special expertise to prune and maintain their health. Woodlawn Memorial Park is delighted to have the help of GTT to maintain this impressive tree.

Rebecca Kit, General Manager of Woodlawn Memorial Park commented, “Woodlawn Memorial Park is pleased to be hosting Guelph Tree Trust’s inaugural event.  As a not-for-profit organization, we appreciate the efforts of the Tree Trust program to assist in saving our historical trees.  We have so many beautiful species of varying ages that make Woodlawn a truly unique Cemetery.  We hope to preserve these pillars of our past for future generations to enjoy. Guelph Tree Trust is making it possible for properties like Woodlawn to maintain trees that otherwise may be left to their demise due to a lack of resources.  The team and I are grateful to be chosen as the recipient of these much needed services.”

Preserving and ensuring the longevity of the existing tree canopy and legacy trees such as the Black Walnut in the cemetery is very important. One of these large trees does the environmental work of 260 saplings and has often grown to have a significant place in the history of the land and city. Through raising funds to pay a team of specialized arborists, who will work under the direction of the GTT arborist, Doug Steel of Full Circle Tree Care, GTT will provide the care needed to sustain valuable legacy trees in Guelph.

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