A tree in memory of a loved one

Before: April 29, 2022
After: May 27, 2022

This Sugar Maple my well have been planted more than 100 years ago. It is storing some 12.2 tonnes of carbon and like all mature native trees, is an important home for wildlife.
It was preserved by Baum Professional Tree Care in 2022 thank in large part to the son of Joe Mayne, Vince, with support from Knox Presbyterian Church. When Joe passed away, Vince elected to ask family and friends to remember his father with a donation to Tree Trust in lieu of flowers.

Joe lived all of his life in Centre Wellington County and raised a farm family; many still live in the area today. Joe farmed most of his life and recognized the importance of a healthy planet and instilled this belief in his sons. We are so pleased to help ensure this tree lives for many more years.

For more information about Joe, please visit this link for a short story.

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