Meaford Auction & Leith Exhibit is live at Meaford Hall

Art Exhibition and Sale at Meaford Hall:
A beautifully restored & renovated century old landmark building

In July & August 2023, Meaford Hall, will be hosting an exhibit focusing on Tom Thomson’s life and death.   As part of this important exhibition, Meaford Tree Trust is organizing a sale and auction of work depicting the 117 year old Royal Oak located in the Leith Cemetery beside Tom Thomson’s headstone.

Visit the Auction Page to see the exhibition pieces from 33 Southern Ontario Artists

Pete Russell: Meaford Tree Trust Coordinator

Tom Thomson Art Gallery Coordinator

Toni Ellis: Tree Trust Executive Director

Ross Kentner: Meaford Mayor

Exhibition Opening

Exhibition Opening

For additional information contact:
Pete Russell, Tree Trust Meaford Coordinator
[email protected] or (519)-599-1074

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