Town of The Blue Mountains

Supporting legacy trees in Town of The Blue Mountains

Tree Trust Town of The Blue Mountains was established in July of 2021 with a mandate to look after established, landmark trees in our community, providing residents with a practical way to fight climate change and preserve our natural heritage. All donated funds go towards hiring professional Tree Trust Approved Arborists to care for beautiful legacy trees, here in Town of The Blue Mountains.    

How you can help support Tree Trust TBM

To get a full picture of our activities check out our announcement page for our next Tree Trust events and our special Tree Trust projects (including a local, native tree seedling nursery). You can also check out the trees we have worked on so far. After you’ve read up on these community efforts, consider donating to further our work.

Community Support

Our community support has been outstanding, with significant citizen donations, support from Clarksburg Thornbury Rotary and grants from Town of The Blue Mountains Grants and Donations Committee. The work on our very first tree was also completed free of charge by our Tree Trust Approved Aborist Arboreal Tree Care Professionals. Thank you to our dedicated donors and sponsors.

Other important partners who have helped us spread the word:

Meet TBM’S Tree Trust coordinator!

Betty Muise is a consultant specializing in adult education and training program design and facilitation. Throughout her career, Betty has focused on complex, multifaceted and highly technical issues in sectors such as health care, the environment, waste and recycling, energy, housing, and agriculture.

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