Toronto Island Community

Supporting legacy trees in your community.

Our Community’s mission is to lower our collective carbon footprint by restoring and nurturing the older trees within the community. We recognize the value in keeping these trees healthy, for their beauty and for the comfort and well-being of us all. Two saplings will be planted in the area for every legacy tree maintained.

All trees managed under this program are tended to by a Tree Trust Approved Arborist. These specialists employ conservation arboriculture techniques, highly skilled practices that stabilize tree structure, improve growing conditions, retain habitat, and provide many other benefits to help extend the life of legacy trees. 

Meet Toronto Island’s Tree Trust coordinators!

Happiest outside, among trees and preferably near water, embodiment coach Allyson Woodrooffe is fortunate to have lived on Toronto Island since 1989. Her appreciation of trees came through her grandfather, who loved sharing walks among the pine forest on his farm.

Kathleen Doody has been part of the Toronto Island community since 1976. The landscape and surroundings have been as important for her as the community, and she has been actively involved over the years in projects concerning both environmental and visual improvements.

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