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Supporting legacy trees in your community.

All our trees are tended to by Tree Trust Approved Arborist Tobias Effinger of Arboreal Tree Care. Tobias is a specialist who employs conservation arboriculture techniques – highly skilled practices that stabilize tree structure, improve growing conditions, retain habitat, and provide many other benefits to help extend the life of legacy trees.

Here is how you can support legacy trees in our community:

1. DONATE: We use donated funds to hire arborists to professionally care for and extend the life of legacy trees in our community. Donations over $25.00 receive a tax deduction. Click here to donate and select “Town of the Blue Mountains” under “Fund.” Any donation amount is welcome! If you like, you can use the carbon estimator links to make a donation that reflects carbon outputs from flying or driving, which are located on the right sidebar.

2. STORIES: Share your story of a tree that means or meant something in your life. Did you sit under it during hot days? Did your grandmother make preserves from its fruit? Did it bring beauty and grandeur to a landscape? Click here, and fill out the form on the right sidebar to tell us your story! All stories will be featured on our website under “Tree Stories.”

3. NOMINATE: We are looking for legacy trees that could qualify for Tree Trust care. Generally, we focus on caring for older, “carbon-hero” trees but we are also looking for trees that have particular meaning, history or prominence in our community on public or private property. Nominate a potential tree trust tree by filling out the form here.

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