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Supporting legacy trees in our community

Tree Trust, a program of the Elora Environment Centre, is a grassroots program established in June 2019 after seeing a growing need to preserve the mature trees that offer a tremendous environmental value to both our community and the world at large. Our mission is to help preserve important legacy trees in communities across Southern Ontario. Our mandate is to hire professional, certified arborists to practice their craft by reducing a tree’s crown, removing deadwood, retrenching where needed and more – all of which effectively extend the life of a legacy tree.

In two years we have built the Tree Trust program to include six community partners: Stratford-Perth, Toronto Island, Meaford, Town of The Blue Mountains, Waterloo Region and Centre Wellington. Each community partner manages their own local Tree Trust Chapter supported by Tree Trust headquarters based in Elora, Ontario. Here’s a bit of what we’ve done in the past:

A program of the Elora Environment Centre

Founded in 1993, our mission has been to identify, field test and deliver environmental programs at the community level, and to promote sustainability through public education and program activities. Our vision is that all communities and citizens adopt sustainable approaches to how they live and utilize resources such as energy, water and materials, and commit to environmental stewardship as a way of life. Our programs over the years have included:

  • 40,000 Residential Energy Efficiency home visits which provided residents with $10 million in Federal grants and saving 25 thousand tonnes of CO2 annually
  • Well Aware Program that helped rural landowners ensure their well water was safe
  • Rain Garden Program
  • Bicycle courier business pilot
  • Small commercial audits in Wellington, Grey, and Bruce Counties to help cut electrical use for small business owners
  • A Green Hotline which produced a comprehensive Community Energy Plan for Centre Wellington
  • Home Electrical ‘Audit’ Program pilot to identify opportunities to cut electricity use
  • Tree Inventory Program with an expanding database of 12,000 trees and more than 300 volunteers and 20 summer students
  • Citizen Pruner Pilot Program which taught community members how to prune dozens of young public and schoolyard trees under the guidance of certified arborists
  • Regular community tree talks and walks

Our sponsors and supporters

Meet Centre Wellington’s Tree Trust coordinator

Jaimie McDonald achieved a BA at Queen’s University in 2020. Her work with the Elora Environment Centre began back in 2017 when she led the Tree Inventory program during the summer. In 2019 she transitioned roles to become the Community Engagement Coordinator for Centre Wellington Tree Trust.

Jaimie developed a deep admiration for trees as a child when she would join her mother for daily walks on the trail.

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