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Supporting legacy trees in your community.

When we started Tree Trust, we wanted to find ways for the community to support professional care for our big trees – trees that are such an important part of our natural heritage. In our first 8 months, we were delighted with the generous response from travellers who supported us as a way to help make up for their environmental footprint from flying and driving. These days, with travelling down to a trickle, we are encouraging tree lovers to send us their stories and pictures of trees that are meaningful. And, we hope, continue to provide financial support so that we can continue to provide care for our legacy trees.

Neighbourwoods’ mission is to educate, advocate and promote a healthy urban forest in Centre Wellington which includes Elora, Fergus and 3 outlying rural areas. For more than 10 years we have run a tree inventory program, one of the longest, if not THE longest citizen science inventory in Ontario. We plant and steward trees and deliver a variety of special projects that advocate for tree awareness and appreciation. AND of course, we initiated Tree Trust!

We are proud to work with our local Tree Trust Qualified Arborist, Phil Guenter from Baum Tree Care.

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